Our top priority is the adoption of codes requiring Firefighter Air Replenishment Systems (FARS). These life-saving systems significantly reduce the risk of exposure to the deadly effects of fire smoke and should be required in all new construction where the delivery of replacement air bottles presents significant logistical challenges.

What are FARS?

FARS are a standpipe for air. Just as water standpipes replaced hand buckets as a delivery system for water, FARS replace the slow, labor-intensive process of hand-delivering replacement air bottles up numerous flights of stairs in a high-rise or deep into a large horizontal structure.

Where are FARS applicable?

Applications for FARS include mid- and high-rise structures, big box-style buildings, and tunnels. Cities in 22 states across the U.S. now require FARS. Explore our interactive FARS Code Tracker to see the nationwide adoption of FARS codes.

How can my jurisdiction adopt a FARS Code?

Adopting a FARS code is a straightforward process. It requires an understanding of the local codes that can be adopted under the laws of your state, a clear view of new construction planned in your jurisdiction that supports the need for FARS, and the development of a code adoption timeline and plan.

We have successfully supported fire departments across the county in their efforts to add a FARS requirement to their local fire code. We offer information on the code adoption process, FARS system configuration and operation, applicable structures, peer resources, and more.

For more information on FARS, including a selection of educational videos, articles, white papers and more, please visit our FARS page.