Welcome to the Firefighter Air Coalition

Welcome to the Firefighter Air Coalition.

Our mission is to advance firefighter health and safety through comprehensive education and training on air management best practices. We promote the adoption of new technologies that enhance firefighter safety and advocate for the implementation of these innovative solutions throughout the fire service.

Our vision is for all firefighters to have the tools and expertise to operate in a safe and effective manner, protecting themselves and the communities they serve.

Cases of US firefighter
exposure to hazardous
breathing environments
NFPA, 2016


Increased disease risk from
prolonged smoke exposure
U.S. Forest Service


Percentage of Line of Duty
Deaths caused by cancer
IAFF Database 2002-2017

Minutes before a firefighter
who’s run out of air goes into
respiratory failure
Maryland Fire and Rescue

Air Rescue training with Phoenix FD

Air Management

The reality of the fireground is very simple: Air gives firefighters the ability to access environments that would otherwise disorient them, poison them, asphyxiate them, and kill them….

Air Refill System using RescueAir Technology

Firefighter Air Replenishment Systems (FARS)

Firefighter Air Replenishment Systems (FARS) are a standpipe for air permanently installed in a high-rise, large horizontal structure, or tunnel.  FARS deliver a safe, instant, endless supply of air…

2 firefighters spraying high pressure water to fire with copy space

Fire Science & Research

Fire science uses principles of science and engineering to study the causes, effects, and prevention of fire, as well as fire management, fire behavior, fire investigation, and hazardous….

Firefighter in soft light

Fire Smoke & Cancer

Smoke is a killer. Whether in the depths of  a burning building or in a quiet hospital cancer ward, the realities of the deadly nature of smoke are real. Knowing the enemy and how it operates is crucial…