The Firefighter Air Coalition and American Drill Towers bring you the next 3-day training program in Houston, Texas, September 10-12, 2024.

The Firefighter Air Coalition, in partnership with Affordable Drill Towers, will present a 3-day firefighter training program (Fire in the Sky) in cooperation with Houston Fire Department and Local 341. Presentation topics include:

  • Big box structures
  • Mid-rise
  • High-rise
  • Buildings under construction
  • Fire suppression systems/standpipes
  • Nozzle/hose selection
  • Air management/fire smoke and firefighter cancer
  • Air management technology

Instructors Include: John Norman, Mike Dugan, David McGrail, Daniel DeYear, Clyde Gordon, Eric Abbt, Mo Davis, Clark Lamping, Jimmy Davis, Kris Blume, and Mike Gagliano

If you would like to receive detail and event details, please register here.  Registration will begin May 15, 2024 and those registered for information will be contacted that registration is open.


Air Management:  Firefighter Training Videos

The following is a list of training videos for use with department or individual air management training. 

The Genesis of ROAMStarting with Mike Gagliano providing the genesis of ROAM (Rules of Air Management), how it came to be and how it eventually became the NFPA standard for firefighter air management.  

Out of Air is an air management training program that has been widely used and distributed.  There are no other air management programs as comprehensive as this.  Funded by DHS, and written and narrated by Mike Gagliano, co-author of Air Management for the Fire Service. This documentary takes you through the conception and development of best practices for air management for the fire service by iconic fire service leaders.

To Hell and Back:  Cyanide Poisoning was the very first training program in the fire service to deliver the message that hydrogen cyanide is present at all fires and when combined with carbon monoxide, (Toxic Twins), it is deadly.  The program takes you inside the body to show how the Toxic Twins work; carbon monoxide kills the blood and hydrogen cyanide kills the organs.  If you've ever found yourself dizzy or disoriented on the fireground- this video will explain the physiological processes of inhaling the Toxic Twins.


Air Management: Situational Awareness Training Videos

Learning from the past.

Southwest Supermarket Fire:  Alan Brunacini discusses what was learned from that day and the forever changes made in the fire service.

Lt. Bill Kilcoyne, Charleston Sofa Super Store Fire, discusses the seconds that were life changing for so many.

Lt. Bart Bradberry, Fort Worth Fire Department, shares how you can do everything right - and life changes in a second.  


Air Management: Leadership in the Fire Service

During the filming of Out of Air, some of the greatest leaders of the fire service shared their thoughts about fire smoke and air management.  Sadly, Chief Bobby Halton and Chief Alan Brunacini, are no longer with us but their messages carry more weight today than ten years ago.  The reason - 10 years ago firefighters were not dropping dead from cancer at alarming rates.  The fire service was only starting to recognize the extreme risks associated with fire.  

Alan Brunacini:  Key issues that lead Chief Brunacini (deceased) to call for practical and comprehensive air management in the fire service.

Bobby Halton:  "Smoke is a loaded gun."

John Norman:  Long term impacts of fire smoke exposure.