Education & Training

The Firefighter Air Coalition (FAC) focuses on the need for smart, responsible air management. It’s our passion and our privilege to advance firefighter safety through continued education and training programs and the advancement of important life-saving air supply technology.



We follow the development of air technologies and advocate for their integration into firefighting best practices. These technologies include portable breathing air, air monitoring, fireground tools, PPE, and more.
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Air Management

The air on your back is what enables you to do your work and survive. And like every other resource on the fireground, that air needs to be managed in a manner that is deliberate, planned and practiced.
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Fire Smoke & Cancer

Smoke is a killer. Understanding the enemy is crucial to reduce the chance of illness, disease and death.
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Fire Science & Research

Fire science studies the causes, effects, and prevention of fire, as well as fire management, fire behavior, and firefighter health and safety. We will bring you the latest science and research related to firefighter health and safey. 
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