Representatives of the Firefighter Air Coalition are protecting firefighters from the deadly effects of fire smoke. We offer air management education and training programs, and we advocate for the adoption of codes that require the installation of firefighter air replenishment systems in the construction of large structures where providing air re-supply presents significant logistical challenges.

You'll find us at fire services conferences and events throughout the country. Upon request, we can make specialized presentations to individual fire departments in person or through online communications platforms.

Upcoming Events


David Kerr and Gary West, advocates for the Firefighter Air Coalition will be present with the Mobile Education Center.  If you wish to schedule a meeting with them for a FARS (Firefighter Air Replenishment Systems) presentation, please email FAC President Mark Fessenden is also presenting “Commissioning, Integrated System Testing & ITM of Active Fire…

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Past Events

Firefighter Air: The Fireground, Our Mission, and You

Firefighter Air Coalition Presents FIREFIGHTER AIR: THE FIREGROUND, OUR MISSION, AND YOU Hosted By Meridian Fire Department February 19 – 20, 2024  8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Join us for a 2-day educational experience featuring some of the brightest, most knowledgeable subject matter experts in the fire service. Capt. Mike Gagliano, Firefighter Ric Jorge, Deputy…

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Firefighter Date Night

Firefighter Date Night All Couples Welcome Don’t miss this night of couple-hood and camaraderie with Mike & Anne Gagliano, popular lecturers and co-authors of “Challenges of the Firefighter Marriage.” Mike and Anne deliver an honest look into what is happening to firefighter marriages and why. Couples are highly encouraged to attend together. The evening will…

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Tennessee Fire Safety Inspectors Annual Conference

FAC advocates Susie and Gary West will be at the Tennessee Fire Safety Inspectors Annual Conference in Murfreesboro this week. Stop by the FAC booth in the exhibitor area on Wednesday and Thursday to learn more about firefighter air replenishment systems (FARS), the building-installed standpipe for firefighter air resupply. FARS are now required by cities…

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Fire & Life Safety Directors Assocation of Greater New York 35th Annual Symposium

November 8, 2023 8 AM – Noon, Eastern We’re very much looking forward to being a part of the Fire & Life Safety Directors Association of Greater New York‘s 35th Annual Symposium on Wednesday, November 8. This prestigious event attracts high-ranking fire chiefs and department leadership from Boston, Chicago, Hoboken, Jersey City, FDNY, San Francisco,…

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November 7th, 8 – 5PM Central November 8th, 8 – 1PM Central FAC advocate David Kerr will be at the The Center for Campus Fire Safety Forum at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport Hyatt. Drop by Booth 9 for a short demonstration of FARS and find out why every campus should include these systems in…

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Tennessee Fire Chiefs Association Fall Conference

FAC advocate Gary West is in Kingsport for the Tennessee Fire Chiefs Association Fall Conference. Connect with Gary to learn more about firefighter air replenishment systems (FARS) and our recent donation of a FARS to the Nashville Fire Department Training Academy. October 26 & 27    

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Texas State Fire Marshals Assocation Conference

David Kerr will at the TFMA Conference with our Mobile Education Center. Stop by and see him at Booth 6 and get a 5-minute demonstration of Firefighter Air Replenishment Systems (FARS). Everyone who gets a demo will be entered into a drawing for some fun swag. We’re also sponsoring Casino Night on Thursday evening. Hope…

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FAC Advocate Mike Gagliano Wisconsin Chiefs’ Education Association

FAC advocate Mike Gagliano (“This House Rocks” & “All Hell Breaks Loose”) is in America’s Dairyland, where he will close out the Wisconsin Fire Chiefs’ Education Association with his presentation on air management, FARS and more. Don’t miss your chance to see one of FDIC’s most popular and trusted speakers. Radisson Hotel • Fond du…

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FireShowsWest Conference & Expo

Attending the FireShowsWest Conference & Expo this week in Reno? If so, it’s a safe bet you’ll get a great demo of FARS from FAC advocate David Kerr. Look for him on the exhibit floor in our Mobile Education Unit. Stop by Tuesday or Wednesday to learn more about FARS, the lifesaving standpipe for air…

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Live FARS Presentation Via Zoom

Zoom In! The Firefighter Air Coalition, in partnership with the Everett (WA) Fire Department, will present an overview of Firefighter Air Replenishment Systems (FARS). FARS are the standpipe for air that makes getting air to firefighters in a large structure fire faster, safer, and with greater reliability. FARS are a standpipe for air that makes…

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