About Us

The Firefighter Air Coalition (FAC) is an advocacy group dedicated to promoting firefighter safety through the use of air management best practices, advanced fireground research, and the adoption of codes requiring Firefighter Air Replenishment Systems (FARS).

Comprised by leaders from the fire service, industry and government, the FAC is the nation’s leading advocate for the full implementation of the National Fire Protection Association Standard 1404, “The Rule of Air Management,” and the adoption and implementation of International Fire Code Appendix L, which outlines the requirements for firefighter air replenishment systems (FARS).

We provide donations to underwrite equipment, education, and training to help fire departments of all sizes develop, implement and enforce effective air management programs.

We also offer resources to fire departments looking to adopt Appendix L of the International Fire Code and require FARS in their jurisdictions. These resources include everything a department needs to conduct its due diligence, including FARS system overview, system specifications, research data on air quality and system cost, our FARS Code Adoption Workbook, case studies, peer resources, and more.


Board of Directors

Mark Fessenden headshot

Mark E. Fessenden

Mark Fessenden is well known throughout the fire protection industry for his passion, dedication, and commitment to innovation. Mark currently serves as director of industry…

Bill Dickson headshot

Bill Dickson

Bill Dickson is a 30-year veteran of the high-pressure breathing air industry, currently serving as Vice President of Sales for Bauer Compressors, Inc. (BCI). Combined…

David Rhodes headshot

David Rhodes

As Editor-in-Chief for Fire & Rescue Media, David Rhodes is helping to shape the national conversation on topics important to the fire service — from…

Ronald Siarnicki headshot

Ronald J. Siarnicki

Ronald J. Siarnicki is a true visionary and a tireless advocate for firefighter health and safety. His 50-year career includes his service as executive director…