Firefighter Air Replenishment Systems (FARS)

A top priority of the Firefighter Air Coalition is the adoption of codes requiring Firefighter Air Replenishment Systems (FARS) in large structures where the delivery of air resupply presents significant logistical challenges. FARS are an air standpipe system located inside a building.

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Portable Breathing Air & SCBAs

Modern respiratory devices offer heightened efficiency, making it possible for firefighters to maintain their air supply while still able to execute critical tasks during fire suppression and overhaul.

Lifeline Firehose
The Lifeline Firehose is an innovative new system that offers unlimited breathable air. The system uses coupler design technology to deliver both breathing air for respiration and water for firefighting, using a Buddy Breather at the end of the nozzle.

Mobile Air
Arctic Compressor will reveal its new All Power Air Trailer in 2024.

Mobile Cascade Systems
Mobile cascade systems allow for air resupply occur closer to the incident, and small cylinders to be filled without a compressor. Fills can be increased with the use of pneumatic breathing air booster pumps.

Manufacturers are working diligently to improve the SCBA to prevent out of air situations through advanced technologies such as the HUD (Heads-Up Displays).

Gas Detection

Due to the toxicity of every fire, all firegrounds must be considered toxic. The only means to determine whether the air is safe to breathe during overhaul and in Hazardous Materials incidents, is through air effective air monitoring.  Industrial Scientific has several gas detection options for the fireground.

Fireground Tools

Affordable Drill Towers are free-standing towers and standpipe props to provide safe, engineered solutions for training and more.