Firefighter Safety Training

New white paper from Vector Solutions: Why Your Firefighters Resist Technology and How You Can Inspire Change

Read this important study on facilitating change in your department, especially when introducing new technologies and designing training programs.


Underwriters Laboratories Firefighter Safety Research Institute (UL FSRI) Fire Safety Academy Training Programs

Here are some new training programs from UL FSRI that cover air management and ventilation challenges in large complex structures:

Impact of Ventilation
on Strip Malls

This online course explores the results of the commercial structure fire experiments (strip malls) conducted as part of the Study of Coordinated Fire Attack Utilizing Acquired Structures. This portion of the Coordinated Fire Attack project was conducted in collaboration with the Fairborn Fire Department (Fairborn, OH) to explore the impact of ventilation on the fire dynamics of large, open volume commercial structures

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Impact of Horizontal
Ventilation on Fire Behavior

This training course examines the impact of modern construction practices and ventilation techniques on fire behavior from full-scale testing in realistic legacy and contemporary structures.