Firefighter Air Management

The reality of the fireground is very simple: Air gives firefighters the ability to access environments that would otherwise disorient them, poison them, asphyxiate them, and kill them. The air on your back is what enables you to do your work and survive. And like every other resource on the fireground, that air needs to be managed in a manner that is deliberate, planned and practiced.

This video will take you through some of the realities of the modern-day smoke environment, and offers useable strategies for your air management program. You’ll hear from fires service leaders like Bobby Halton, John Norman, John Mittendorf, Alan Brunacini and many others as they share their wisdom and experience. Thanks to the Firesmoke Coalition for creating this video and allowing us to use it.

Fire service icon, the late Phoenix Fire Chief Alan Brunacini, provides insight and wisdom on the need for developing a comprehensive air management program.

Chief Brian Schaefer discusses the process he used to implement the Rules of Air Management (ROAM) training program into the Spokane Fire Department (WA).

Watch this Fire Engineering Humpday Hangout on air management and crew accountability. Hosts Bill Gustin and Nick Morgado are joined by Mike Gagliano, Mike Dugan and Daryl Liggins as they discuss the need for and development of effective air management practices and programs.

This video provides a history and overview of the book Air Management for the Fire Service by Mike Gagliano, Casey Phillips, Phil Jose and Steve Bernocco. It describes the formation of the Rule of Air Management, an historical approach to air in the fire service and why it all matters.